Lake McClure & Lake McSwain


Several months ago, the MID Parks and Recreation Department became aware that one of several wild burros is residing on a small island within Lake McClure. We both appreciate and share the concerns that have been expressed about the welfare of this animal. We are currently consulting with various agencies and wildlife experts as we pursue thoughtful and appropriate actions in the absolute best interest of the animal.

The burro currently has access to forage, water and shade. Our staff are regularly monitoring both the animal and its forage conditions as we explore the most appropriate actions for the animal. Should there become an immediate need for additional forage, we will ensure it is provided.

The animal, one of many wild burros in the area, appears to have become isolated on the island when the lake began to rise during this past winter. Prior to that time, Lake McClure and other reservoirs had reached historic lows during California’s five-year drought. Similar to other reservoirs, Lake McClure quickly filled this winter when a series of storms brought record-breaking precipitation to the Sierra Nevada.

The animal is completely mobile but appears to have either an older leg injury or deformation of its leg. In discussing the situation with wildlife experts, concerns have been raised that a relocation effort could stress or further injure the animal. Again, our decisions will be guided by what is in the best interest in the animal.

As this situation is addressed, the public is advised to remain clear of the animal and avoid any actions it may perceive as harassing or stressful. 

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