Lake McClure & Lake McSwain


  • Lake McClure should be relatively full throughout summer of 2017
  • Barrett Cove Marina, café and store are anticipated to resume operations, and include a new fuel system
  • New park-model cabins will be installed at Lake McSwain and expected open in spring
  • Exchequer Bike Park new cross-country trail expected to be completed and open in early summer of 2017
  • New McClure boat ramp, north of the existing McClure Point ramp, will open for use
  • Bagby boat launch will be open

In addition to a relatively full reservoir, this spring will boast several new opportunities for adventure at Lakes McClure and McSwain: small park-model rental cabins overlooking Lake McSwain are slated to open in the coming months and the sites are now under construction. The Exchequer Bike Park will be open with a constructed cross-country bike loop. The Barrett Cover Marina has been returned to its location at the northeast side of the lake after the lake reached historic lows. It should be back in operation this year, along with the café and store, and a new fuel system. MID Parks and Recreation has constructed a new boat launch and parking area at McClure Point on Lake McClure: it is expected to open this spring.

Please keep in mind that although the lake will be full and there are multiple new recreation opportunities, California has experienced five consecutive years of drought. This will continue to affect some operations as they are gradually brought back to traditional operational levels. Although Bagby ramp will be open for boating, MID is planning the pending opening of Bagby area camping. Fish are continuing to be caught in both Lakes McClure and McSwain. 

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